When publishing the journal, editorial board pursues the following objectives:
– the transfer of knowledge and experience accumulated by the world community and scientific institutions of Russia and directly by the scientists of VNIIMK;
– the development of new knowledge (in the field of science: breeding and seed growing of crops; general crop management, plant growing; technologies and means of agriculture mechanization; economy and production; plant protection and immunology) for the development of agronomic sector in the subjects of the Russian Federation and Russia as a whole;
– to acquaint readers with the world’s best practices in the implementation of scientific research and development in agricultural and biological sciences.

Goals of the journal:

– to provide scientists the opportunity to publish the results of their research;
– to draw attention to the most relevant, promising and interesting research directions on the journal’s subject;
– to try to establish a discourse between researchers from different regions and countries;
– to provide information support for scientific research by means of publication of the results of scientific and practical research on breeding and seed growing of crops, plant growing, technologies and means of agriculture mechanization, economy and production, plant protection and immunology;
– to conduct generalization, analysis, synthesis, prediction of scientific and technical progress in the agricultural sector of the country by means of publication of the results of scientific research and breeding achievements;
The journal is open to all interested persons and organizations. The editorial board of the journal regularly attracts new authors of analytical materials, scientific articles, reviews.
The editorial board reviews and edits all incoming manuscripts in accordance with the established procedure of reviewing. Based on the review, the editorial board can accept an article for publication, recommend the author to revise an article or decline an article.
As a result of the journal’s policy, our authors are researchers and university professors from the Russian Federation, near and far-abroad countries, practical workers, postgraduate students.

Main principles

The author submitting an article to the journal hereby expresses his consent to its publishing in the journal, online on the journal’s website and transfer of its text (including references, bibliographic information, etc.) to third parties, to whom provision of these data is of obligatory nature, or to other persons in order to ensure the possibility of citing the publication and increasing the quoting index of the author and the journal.
The authors are responsible for the factual materials and data provided in the articles.
The materials published in the journal reflect the personal opinion of the authors, which may differ from the opinion of the editorial board.
The decision to publish or decline materials is taken by the editorial board.
Author’s royalties for the publication of articles are not paid.
The editorial board has the right to decline materials that are improperly designed or not related to the subject matter of the journal.
The editorial board does not discuss its decision with the authors of the declined materials.
The editorial board reserves the right to make abridgements and editorial changes of the manuscript.
Manuscripts are not returned.
Reprinting, posting or distribution of materials published and/or posted on the official website without the prior written consent of the editorial board of the journal is not allowed. Violation of the editorial board’s exclusive rights to use the materials sent for publication and the edited materials is prosecuted by law.