The journal “Oil Crops” began its publishing history in 1956 under the title “Scientific and technical bulletin of VNIIMK”.

In 2005, it was reregistered under the title “Oil Crops. Scientific and technical bulletin of V.S. Pustovoit All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Crops”, then in 2019 – under the title “Oil Crops”.

The journal publishes the results of scientific research, related to breeding, genetics, seed growing, seed production, physiology, biochemistry, agrochemistry, immunity, plant protection, cultivation technology of oil and essential-oil crops, and the other technical and grain crops, mechanization and economy of their production.

The journal publishes materials of not only Russian research institutes, but also the research results of institutes of the neighboring countries.

On August 4, 2006, the journal was registered in the department of the Federal Agency in Moscow with the right of distribution in the Russian Federation. It is included in the catalog “Russian Post” in all regions of the Russian Federation.

Beginning from the third issue of the journal in 2017, the journal will start publishing the results of research on the above mentioned issues on grain and technical crops.

The editor-in-chief of the journal is Vyacheslav M. Lukomets, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of agriculture.

The editorial board of the journal includes academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences: L.A. Bespalova, A.Kh. Sheudzhen, N.N. Dubenok, S.N. Shevchenko, V.A. Tilba, and corresponding members of RAS: V.I. Zotikov, V.V. Karpachyov, S.V. Zelentsov, an academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences V.V. Kirichenko.