Dear colleagues!

The editorial board accepts manuscripts for publication in hard and soft copy or via e-mail Manuscripts are printed on one side of an A4 sheet with one and a half line interval. Font is no less than 12 pt. The optimum size of the article is 6-8 pages, the maximum size is 10 pages.

The articles should not be overloaded with tables (no more than one table per 2 pages of text).

The figures and diagrams attached to the articles have to be suited for printing reproduction: have an acceptable size and clarity. It is not recommended to place them on a tinted surface or make them in color (see Rules for authors).

At the end of the article, the author’s affiliation: full name of each author, job position,  work location, address and telephone number and/or e-mail should be clearly indicated. The article is signed by the authors.

Unsigned articles are not accepted for publication.

Important!!! Scientific articles have to come with a covering letter signed by a director of a scientific institution where the author is working or conducting research. Articles are reviewed by experts, members of the editorial board of the journal.

Fees are not paid.

The date of publication of the article is determined by the time of its submission: if the article is submitted to the editorial office before March 1, then the probability of it publishing in the first or second issue is guaranteed in case of a positive review; if the article is submitted before September 1, it will be published in the third or fourth issue. Publications in the journal are counted by the Higher Attestation Commission at the defense of doctoral and PhD theses. Sending by e-mail is possible.

Researchers studying agricultural crops: oil, essential-oil, industrial, grain, legume, grain legume crops, etc. are invited to cooperation.

The order of peer-reviewing manuscripts submitted to the journal “Oil Crops”.

1.The manuscript of the article submitted to the editorial office  is considered by the responsive secretary/editor for compliance with the journal’s profile and with the requirements for presentation. The article is registered and assigned an identification number.

2. The article is sent for peer review to two reviewers, members of the editorial board, or other specialists with deep knowledge and work experience in a particular scientific area. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have publications on the subject of the article under review in the last three years.

3. The article is given to the reviewer without indication of any information about the authors. The review is given to the author without indication of any information about the reviewer. By mutual consent, the author and reviewer can also communicate without editorial assistance, if it is necessary to work on the manuscript and there are no objections of a personal nature.

4. Reviewers are notified that manuscripts sent to them are the intellectual property of the authors and considered to be information not to be disclosed. Reviewers do not have the right to take advantage of knowledge of the work content before it is published.

5. The review should have a comprehensive analysis of the article’s scientific and methodological benefits and drawbacks and constructive comments on its revision.

6. The reviewer should evaluate:

– the relevance of the article content: whether the level of the material contained in it correspond to the current achievements of science and technology;

– novelty, significance and originality of the scientific and practical results of the research given in the article;

– completeness and reliability of the given information;

– correctness and accuracy of terminology, definitions and wording, style of material presentation;

– the presence of conclusions based on the results of the articles;

– the presence of references with indication of sources from the text of the article.

7. The review should include clear recommendations on the article:

a) approve for publication;

b) accept with revision;

c) decline.

8. If the review contains recommendations for correcting and revision of the article, it is sent to the author with an offer to take these recommendations into account when preparing a new version of the article or the author can present the reasons for ruling them out. Return of manuscript for revision does not mean that the article is accepted for publication. It is necessary to attach a letter to the revised manuscript, in which the author gives answers to the comments and explains the corrections made in the article. The revised article is sent for review to the same reviewer who made critical remarks.

9. If a reviewer does not recommend an article for publication, the editorial board may send the article for revision considering the given comments, or send it to other reviewer. The text of the negative review is sent to the author.

10. Manuscripts that received contradictory reviews are sent for additional review. If two negative reviews of an article are given, its publication is declined.

11. The decision to publish an article after its reviewing is taken at a meeting of the editorial board.

12. Reviews and the author correspondence are kept in the editorial office of the journal for five years from the day of publication of articles and submitted to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation at it request.

13. In case of detection of intentional or unintentional violation of copyright or ethics of scientific publications by the author, plagiarism, double publication of articles in different journals, distortion of facts, the article can be retracted in accordance with generally accepted procedures.

14. The editors of the journal are ready to actively cooperate on any emerging issues in terms of retraction of articles and violations of the ethics of scientific publications with the authors both in personal correspondence and officially through the Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers (ANRI, Moscow).

Address for postal items:

17 Filatova street, Krasnodar, 350038, Russia, VNIIMK


Information on the submitted articles and their status can be received by phone:

+ 7 (861) 275-88-65