Lukomets Vyacheslav Mikhailovich

Editor-in-chief of the journal, director of
the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution “Federal Research Center “V.S. All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Oil Crops”
doctor of agricultural sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

 After graduating from university, V.M. Lukomets worked at the Krasnodar NIISKh by the name of Lukyanenko P.P. He rose from the rank of a laboratory assistant to a senior researcher (1988-1998). Then he was appointed as a director of the North Kuban agricultural experimental station of the Krasnodar NIISKh by the name of Lukyanenko P.P. (1998-2002). During this period, the work of the station was significantly improved both in scientific and in economic aspects.

  During his tenure as director of the V.S. Pustovoit All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Oil Crops (2002-2015), the material and technical base of the institute was significantly strengthened as well as its human resources. The institute was the leader of the scientific support of production of oil and essential oil crops in Russia. The institute conducts an extensive international collaboration. During the years of his leadership, the VNIIMK’s team submitted 159 hybrids, varieties and lines of oil crops to the State Register of the Selection Achievements Admitted for Usage in the Russian Federation. 148 of them were added to the State Register. 173 patents of breeding achievements and inventions were received.

   V.M. Lukomets published more than 210 research papers, including 18 books. In joint authorship he developed 20 hybrids and varieties of grain and oil crops, received 14 patents for breeding achievements, 8 invention patents and 6 utility model patents.

   The Hirsch index in the RSCI is 27.

Main research and academic publications:

  1. New adaptive energy and soil saving technologies of cultivation of spring wheat and corn in the Krasnodar region (Monograph. – Krasnodar, 2002. – 103 pp., in coauthorship);

  2. Soybean. The biology and management practice (Monograph. – Krasnodar, 2005. – 433 pp., in coauthorship);

  3. Scientific support of oil crops production in Russia (Krasnodar, 2006. – 100 pp.);

  4. Soybean in Kuban (Krasnodar. – 2009. – 321 pp., in coauthorship);

  5. The system of soil management of the Krasnodar region (Methodological recommendations. – Krasnodar. – 2009. – 268 pp.);

  6. Methods of conducting field agrotechnical experiments with oil crops (2nd ed., revised and supplemented. Under the general editorship of V.M. Lukomets. – Krasnodar. – 2010. – 328 pp., in coauthorship);

  7. Adaptive technologies of oil crops production in the southern region of Russia (Guidebook for specialists of agroindustrial complex. – Krasnodar. – 2010. – 159 pp., in coauthorship);

  8. Soybean in fodder production (Under the general editorship of V.M. Lukomets, L.G. Gorkovenko. – Krasnodar. – 2010. – 368 pp., in coauthorship);

  9. Sunflower diseases (Under the general editorship of V.M. Lukomets. – Moscow, 2011. – 210 pp., in coauthorship).

  10. The outpost of the oil branch in Russia (to the 100-anniversary of the V.S. Pustovoit All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Crops  (1912-2012). (Krasnodar, 2012. – 523 p., in coauthorship).
  11. Pests, diseases, and weeds in the sowings of sunflower and protection measures (Krasnodar, 2013. – 302 p., in coauthorship).
  12. Essential-oil crops (Krasnodar, 2017. – 295 p., in coauthorship)
  13. Innovative technologies of oil crops cultivation (Krasnodar, 2017. – 256 p., in coauthorship)
  14. Pests in rapeseed sowings and protection measures (Krasnodar, 2020. – 215 p., in coauthorship).
  15. Pests of oil crops (Krasnodar, 2020. – 248 pp.,  in coauthorship).